furritsubs (furritsubs) wrote,

HAPIMARI: Happy Marriage!? [ENG SUBS FOR EP 3]

OMO. Can't believe the story is progressing quite really good on this episode! And as always, can't wait until episode 4 gets released! There's a scene there that I am patiently waiting for! KYAAAHHHH <3 <3 ~~~

The fans of this series have really been such a great help, just sending me their messages of gratitude and as well as sending me various websites from where the raws of this series will be released! I just want to thank the respondents who really gave time to share their information to me! Arigato <3 ^___^//

Anyway, as I announced last week, here's the eng subs of episode 3 of "HAPIMARI: Happy Marriage!?"



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