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💬 This is now completely subbed! *Since I have announced that I have taken Kikazaru Koi ni ha Riyuu ga Atte as a project, it is also apparent of course that I will be subbing for the special episode series for this show! The main drama is completely subbed. You may find the sub and raw file links for the main series through here.

📑 OFFICIAL NOTICE: This is a collaboration project between me and NEWZECT FANSUBS, a Portuguese fansubbing group from Brazil. You will need to ask their permission and credit them as well if you will be retranslating this project. They're the ones who provided me with the timing as well as the raws. Please send them your warm appreciation.

📝 Also, if ever you find any parts of the translations that needs to be improved and revised, please do send me a message directly! Will be happy to go through everything with you! Thank you for your patience and for guiding me!

Unlike the main series, this special series focuses on the story of Akiba Ryo and Kayano Nanami, co-workers of Mashiba Kurumi at EL ARCO IRIS.

📎Yamashita Mizuki as Kayano Nanami
📎Takahashi Fumiya as Akiba Ryo
📎Kawaguchi Haruna as Mashiba Kurumi
📎Yokohama Ryusei as Fujino Shun
📎Mukai Osamu as Hayama Shogo

📗 I hope you guys take the time to thank NEWZECT FANSUB who has been so generous with their material and sharing it with me! They were the ones who provided me the initial timing as well as the raw file for this series! The deserve all the love! They're also subbing this show in Portuguese! Always there whenever I need help! Thank you so much! Can't be able to thank you enough! If you need Portuguese subtitles for Japanese dramas and movies, they're the ones you need to go to! All my love to Nana, Shiro, Allure and Sensui!

📗 My biggest thanks for the constant and consistent support that @boron for helping me get the remaining raws for this series at bilibili. I very much appreciate your kindness in helping me complete this series!

📗 I would also like to thank IKAZA for being so kind as telling me to where to get the remaining raws for this show!


mairUnovich.png mairUnovich.png EPISODE 1 (2).png EPISODE 1 (6).png EPISODE 5.png EPISODE 6.png EPISODE 7.png

mairUnovich.png mairUnovich.png EPISODE 1 (2).png EPISODE 1 (6).png EPISODE 5.png EPISODE 6.png EPISODE 7.png

Coffees are definitely well appreciated!
You may send me kofi through:

*For those who are not sure about how to download these files, please click here and follow the guidelines.

*The links of the raw video files are hosted by NSBC. Sometimes, the links I provided may not work because the link refreshes if it exceeds the qouta amount so you will need to wait atleast 24 hours for it to open up again. Often times, the link refreshes completely so you will need to manually look it up directly at NSBC. If you want to download it from there directly, make sure to use the HDTV resolution since that's where my subtitle timing is based from. If it still does not work, try DRAMAHD.

*If I do get to buy online storage soon to keep my files, you will no longer be redirected to other sites because you will directly get the video with one link. For now, I hope you understand that this is how I do it for now because the current storage I have now is not enough to store all the episodes for this series or I will run out of space.

Enjoy your marathon and please keep safe!

📁 If you are interested in retranslating my works, feel free to let me know first and make sure you mention NEWZECT FANSUBS in your retranslation credits.

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