August 6th, 2016


When you watch this movie, I have but one challenge I want you guys to follow:

Watching the series, it has been a very delightful feeling as I see Saburo become Nobunaga. He was cowardly at first, weak, and didn't give any attention to what he got himself into. However, watching the movie, he has become such a great man to his people and his followers. All in all, I enjoyed the movie so much and shed some tears from here and there.

Another amazing factor for this movie is the feels trip. The feels struggle is real in this movie! Aside from that, I was very overjoyed to hear the soundtracks and music from the series that were incorporated into the movie again! I really enjoyed the soundtracks so I was happy that they used them again into the film. I still have goosebumps up to this day.

Anyway, I want you to have your own shares of opinions regarding this movie. Now that the subs have been released for the world to see (Ahhrrm!), you can now watch it to your delight.

Download the sub here:

Download the raw here: