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📌 Mairunovich Landing Page for raw file and sub file links.

📚 I very much so enjoyed both the manga and the live adaptation series! I love seeing the main female character mature throughout the series, learning more about herself and falling in love. This drama offers you a variety of characters that makes it more enjoyable. Enjoy watching and thank you for joining me in this journey!

Kinoshita Mairu, is an unpopular high school student, who thinks she's ugly and plain. She is quickly transformed into a cute girl by the handsome and cool boy, Kumada Tenyu. She will search for real love while using her inner strength to change herself. (Synopsis from MDL)

📎 Sakurai Hinako as Kinoshita Mairu
📎 Kamio Fuju as Kumada Tenyu
📎 Ito Asahi as Kudo Seitaro
📎 Otomo Karen as Matsumaru Ayano
📎 Akutsu Nichika as Katsuki Mirai
📎 Miura Ryosuke as Kinoshita Fuwari

📗 I'd like to give a huge shoutout to xxseresta for helping me decode the Japanese texts that were in episode 3! She has been so helpful! Also, she's currently subbing MOMOIRO ANZUIRO SAKURAIRO on her LJ Community so if you are interested, you can check out her group here and join: amaifuruutsu

📗I'd like to send my warmest gratitude to Thais and xxseresta for helping me out on the Japanese texts shown at episode 4. Really the people I can go to for help. Your help are very much appreciated!

📗Sending out my love to NEWZECT FANSUB for being so supportive with Episode 5, 6, 7 and 8! They let me use their initial timing on this episode of Mairunovich which made the subbing process much easier! Thank you for your team's help! They make Portuguese Subs and you may check out their website to see what their projects are!

📗Mad props as well to madmansubs on twitter for updating me from time to time with raws and providing me early raws too! Such a kind soul! Thank you for helping me out during the course of this project!

📗Please thank Newzect Fansub and Madmansubs for supporting me and making it possible for me to release the series! They're my MVP!

Coffees are definitely well appreciated! You may send me kofi through:


EPISODE 1 (2).png EPISODE 1 (6).png EPISODE 5.png EPISODE 6.png EPISODE 7.png

EPISODE 1 (2).png EPISODE 1 (6).png EPISODE 5.png EPISODE 6.png EPISODE 7.png EPISODE 1.png

*For those who are not sure about how to download these files, please click here and follow the guidelines.

*The links of the raw video files are hosted by NSBC. Sometimes, the link refreshes if it exceeds the qouta amount so you will need to wait atleast 24 hours for it to open up again. Sometimes, the link refreshes completely so you will need to manually look it up directly at NSBC. If you want to download it from there directly, make sure to use the 1080p WEBDL resolution since that's where my subtitle timing is based from. If it still does not work, try DRAMAHD and use the 1080p WEBDL.

*If I do get to buy online storage soon to keep my files, you will no longer be redirected to other sites because you will directly get the video with one link. For now, I hope you understand that this is how I do it for now because the current storage I have now is not enough to store all the episodes for this series or I will run out of space.

Enjoy your marathon and please keep safe!

📁 If you are interested in retranslating my works, feel free to let me know first so I can also share your work in my platforms!

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