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Can I just say this?!

Before I decided to take this project, I read the synopsis and I found it really interesting so I took it. But after getting the subs done, I didn't think this movie would directly affect me so much?!

As a 22 year old working woman, after watching this movie, it seriously made me rethink about what I've been through since I was child and now that I'm an adult. I wouldn't have thought that this movie would have such a huge impact on me and now I think my outlook towards the adult society has changed quite a lot and it made me think about what I could tell my younger self, if it was possible.

I would like to thank Alexinrevira114 for requesting this movie. I honestly thought this would be like any other films that won't stick with me that much, but now, I'll look back every now and then to ponder about the lessons this movie brought forward.

I definitely love how the movie ended, and I wouldn't change it for anything else. Let me know what your thoughts are and if you are confused, send me a message and we can talk about it! I do have an explanation for that and would be so happy to share it to those who want to know my thoughts.

Star-studded cast lineup indeed! Main leads include Masaki Suda, Matsuzaka Tori, Aiba Hiroki and Nikaido Fumi!

The story involves three boys. They were all friends since they were little. One day, something that would changed their entire life happened. One of the boys called Morio, a six-year-old boy, fell from the swing when they were playing. He remained unconscious for about 12 years in a hospital. Morio’s friends and family tried to escape from the tragedy and forget about this accident. The other two boys, Mikihiko and Tomonari, had grown up and nearly forgot about Morio. Finally, Morio woke up and regained consciousness suddenly. He is currently 18 years old. However, Morio’s intelligence quotient stayed at 6 years old. Mikihiko decided to help Morio to catch up with the society.

This movie is now in my TOP 5 RECOMMENDED FILMS so I would definitely persuade you guys to give this movie a chance!

Let me know your thoughts soon so we can start a discussion!



*the original raw I found had hardsubbed Indonesian subs on it. Good thing kristyjb messages me and gave me a link to a very clean, spotless raw! Thank you so much! English subtitles have been retimed as well to fit the new raw and raw link updated too!
Do enjoy this movie and thank you for supporting me!

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