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After almost 6 years, this series is finally complete! Thank you for being patient!

This series was a project I started around 2016 and took me so long to finish because as I said, I needed a new laptop (partially also because I beat around the bush too much lol). I was only able to sub episode 1 until 4 that time so episode 5 until episode 8 was still pending. And then that's when I went on a HIATUS for 2 years so no one picked this up after me. I hope you haven't waited too long! For which I'm sure you really have and I am so sorry! This drama is finally complete and is now available for viewing!

Tonari no Seki-kun to Rumi-chan no Jisho (Seki Beside Me and Rumi's Phenomenon) is a live action adaptation from its manga counterparts with the same title as well. These are 2 different mangas that were made into live action version and incorporated into one series, whereas Seki takes the first half of the episodes and then Rumi takes the other half.

Tonari no Seki-kun's story revolves around Seki who's always doing something in class whereas his seatmate, Yokoi, would always find herself immersed in the various stuff and activities he does in his seat.

Rumi-chan no Joshi follows the daily happening in the life of Rumi and the kind of peculiar, random sometimes amusing stuff she gets herself into, at the same time, ending up anooying her friend, Kumi.

More details here: Asianwiki | MyDramaList

I would like to also send out my warmest thanks to Thaïs Simões, Jonna Cabigting and Christian Lopez for being so amazing as they helped me on the Japanese text that came up on Episode 6. THE KANJI WERE SO HARD TO READ! Good thing these three helped me out so much! Forever grateful to your contribution! I definitely am!

And if you love to support the work I do, I would be so grateful. Your warm coffees will heartwarmingly received through my patreon account. Click here: kofi.

You can find and download the files here:

EPISODE 1 - 4 VIDEO PLUS SUBS can be seen here. (subs might be outdated)

EPISODE 5 - 8 RAW VIDEOS can be downloaded here as well.

Separate English Subtitles:

EP1 | EP2 | EP3 | EP4 | EP5 | EP6 | EP7 | EP8

And that's everything for this series! Please look forward to my future projects! So excited for what's coming up ahead!

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