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Don't worry, you guys! I'm still here. As I said, I'm officially back and will be active from now on! I received such warm welcome back greetings from everyone and I can't turn away from that now, right? Thank you for the love and the support. Please continue to support me and the work that I do from now on, and thank you as always for being patient!

Before anything else, I would like to give out my heartfelt thanks to mylani for being so generous! I definitely appreciate the support you've given me! Thank you for being so giving. May you be blessed with a healthy and blessed life!

As the title says, I'm releasing the English subs for SUMMER OF WHALES which stars Nomura Shuhei with supporting roles from Kyosuke Hamao (I love this guy! I miss him so much! I hope he comes back to the acting scene again! If you've seen the Takumi-kun Series, then you definitely know who this guy is!). Also cast in this movie are Shota Matsushima and Takuya Matsuoka. This was a project that I started way back 2016 but I just couldn't get to finish since I was having problems with a few lines that I couldn't understand but finally, it's done!

A huge shoutout to tbscreenrider for recommending this movie to me and even going far as sending me a raw copy ripped from the BLURAY DVD she had of this movie! Thank you for being so patient and for waiting all these years! You can finally watch it again with English subs and you can finally understand the movie now! Thank you for not losing hope that this movie will be finished! We're finally here!

For helping me on some parts of the movies that I COULD BARELY UNDERSTAND and for making sense of these lines, zeldais, as always, you're my dependable adviser! Thank you for helping me out and I am so sorry for disturbing you HAHAHA you have my warmest thanks too!

My movie insights? This was such a refreshing film! Everyone in this movie were still so young and had so many potential to uncover. It revolves around 4 young adolescents, living their high school life and then 3 years after, Chuya (Nomura) decides to go to Tokyo without any aspirations to chase in mind. His 3 other friends organize a parting celebration party for him to commemorate his last day in their hometown. Then suddenly, Yumiko-senpai who Chuya had a romantic relationship with back in high school, comes back home to their hometown. Suddenly, Chuya doesn't want to go to Tokyo anymore since the reason he wanted to leave his town was becuase he wanted to chase after Yumiko-senpai.

This is a fresh take on young male adolescent's youth, the friendship, the bond, the heartbreak, the highs and lows that come with it. I definitely recommend this so you can reminisce on your past and relive your youthful memories. I hope you love this film as much as I did!

Some lines in the translations may not be accurate but I translated them to the best of my abilities so if there's any portions that may not make sense, please let me know so we can make the right changes and add in the right translations! Thank you for your patience!




The first series project that I took after I came back was Younger Boyfriend (Toshishita Kareshi) for which runs up to 20 episodes. I have already released episode 1's subs and am finishing the rest. Good news too! I have paired up with Momoko in getting this completed in no time! She will be timing for this series. Thank you so much for your volunteering for this project!

My pending project before I went on a HIATUS would be Seki Beside Me & Rumi's Phenomenon (Tonari no Seki-ku to Rumi-chan no Jishou) for which I was only able to sub episodes 1-4. I will be completing this series so I'm off to finishing the remaining episodes from 5-8. Here's the synopsis for more details.

A future project for which we've already started working on is Someday Until This Rain Stops (itsuka kono ame ga yamu hi). It stars Mayuyu from AKB48 and is a drama that was released last September 2018 but still doesn't have english subs. I also have a volunteer for this project! Thank you for taking a few load from my shoulder. We have Hana helping us to time for this series! Thank you so much for giving back to the community! Here's the synopsis for more details.

And if you want to support me, you can do so! I will gladly accept anything! Hopefully I can use the funds to but BLURAY DVD's so we can start working on those that have been released but doesn't have any online raw links yet, so far. Click kofi to be linked yo my patreon account. Thank you so much!

I hope you guys also support the people who are helping in making these projects possible! I am forever in debt to them.

That's all from me! Will be posting soon to upload the ones we're working on. Thank you for your patience and for the meanwhile, please enjoy SUMMER OF WHALES. Until next time!

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